How often will my lawn be mowed?

You can choose for your lawn to be mowed every week or every two weeks. Once you sign up
with Mow Managers, we will send you a personalized mow schedule.

When is the mowing season?

Our mowing season is March-November. We automatically change to mow once a month during the winter. You will receive a winter mow schedule in mid-November.

What day will my lawn be mowed?

After you sign up with Mow Managers, we will send you a personalized mow schedule based on your preferences. If you aren’t satisfied with your mow schedule, contact us to change your schedule to something that better fits your needs.

What if I think the mowing crew damaged something at my home?

If you feel that something on your property was damaged by the mowing crew, please notify our office within 24 hours so that our management team can speak with the crew, collect photos, and determine the cause of the damage. If the damage was caused by our crew, our customer service manager will order the repair to be done or reimburse the customer for the cost of the repair. If you report damage weeks or months after the service was performed, it makes determining the cause of the damage virtually impossible.

How is the price to mow my lawn determined?

When you input your address and zip code on the Pricing page, you will be asked to choose your turf size. Choose from small, average, large, xtra large, very large, jumbo, and enormous. Each option will include a turf size in square footage, choose the one that you feel is your turf size and continue to build your custom quote. If you are good with the results, proceed sending us an order. We will review and you are good to go unless you hear from us.

My lawn is overgrown, how does Mow Managers handle that?

Any lawn that is over 6 inches up to 12 inches tall, we consider overgrown. If you are a new customer, please let us know upon sign up that your lawn is overgrown. We charge twice the normal rate for the first mow. We charge twice because we must mow twice and sometime 3 times, bag the clippings and leave them at a location of your choice. If the lawn is over 12 inches tall, we will be unable to mow your lawn. If the crew arrives and determines that your lawn is over 12 inches tall, they will send the office a photo to document the lawn. Our customer service team will contact you to explain that the lawn is too tall for us to service.

My grass is turning brown and looks dead. Are your crews mowing too short?

Mowing too short is often a symptom, rather than the cause of the grass turning brown. Turfgrass requires (1) adequate sunlight, (2) water, (3) nutrients, and (4) oxygen in order to thrive. If the lawn is too shady, and the soil is compacted by tree roots or heavy foot traffic, the lawn will suffer and begin to thin out. Issues such as “turfgrass decline” can begin to occur. If the lawn does not get enough water as temperatures begin to increase, it will begin to turn brown. This does not necessarily mean that the grass is dead, but that it is going dormant. Dormancy is a state of self-preservation where grasses, other plants, and trees will slow down their physiological processes in order to conserve energy during environmentally stressful periods such as drought.

Mowing turfgrass that is experiencing deficiencies in any of these areas can cause the lawn to be cut too short. If the grass is not healthy, but mowing continues, it will reveal these more serious problems. Mow Managers is here to help! Simply let us know what you are seeing. Our customers can call or text us, and send us pictures of the affected areas. Our staff of turfgrass experts will review and make suggestions in order to improve the health and vigor of your lawn! We have a network of industry partners and experts in irrigation, fertilization, tree care, etc. in order to provide the assistance our customers need to care for their lawn.

I am not happy with my last mowing, what should I do?

Please contact our office immediately (within 24 hours of your scheduled mow) to let our customer service team know about the specific problems you are seeing with the work. If you call within one day of your service then we will send the crew back to re-mow your lawn free of charge. If you contact our offices with a complaint several days after your last mow, then the customer service rep will notate your complaints on the account and a manager will discuss these issues with the crew for the next mow. Be advised that 90% of our complaint calls are biweekly or triweekly lawns that are tall and difficult to make look like your neighbors that is mowing weekly.

I don't think the crew mowed my lawn.

Please contact our office immediately (within 24 hours of your scheduled mow) to let our customer service team know you think the lawn was not mowed. If your last mow was within the last 3 days, we will send a crew by to mow again. If you contact our office several days after your last mow, then we will check our work logs and with the crew supervisor to discuss what might have occurred. The biggest issue here is time, because grass grows, so determining what happened can be impossible if too much time has elapsed.

I have pets in the backyard, what should I do?

Crews are careful to avoid pets escaping, but we do not assume responsibility. We highly recommend leaving pets inside or kenneling them on your mow day. We cannot give a specific time that your mowing will occur, though we do guarantee the day. The mow times can vary depending upon the weather, traffic, route selection, and what crew is assigned to mow your property that day.

I leave my backyard gate locked, how will the mowing crew access my yard?

Please let the office know what the combination is to your lock. If you do not have a combination lock, we will provide a FREE combo lock at the first mowing, and the combination will be printed on the back of it for you to remove. If you do not want a combo lock on your gate, then the gate will need to be unlocked all day when your mowing is scheduled. Mow times can vary due to weather, traffic and route selection.

If you request for us to come back, the first trip is free each season, then a $15 trip charge for additional trips.

Are any other services offered like fertilization, tree work, or shrub trimming?

We offer schedule mowing services, and for active mowing customers, we have a bush and bed crew that works by the hour. For weed control, fertilizer, sprinkler, and tree service, contact our office for referrals.

Can I get my lawn serviced in the off season?

Yes, the regular season ends the week after thanksgiving and we automatically transition to monthly mows at the same rate as your last regular season price. Even if there is little grass, our mulching mowers help with a small amount of leaves, and winter weeds. Active customers will receive a winter calendar in mid November. Customers can call or text to opt out and still can call for one-time mows at your in season rate, or leaf cleanups that are charged by the hour. Most customers receive approximately three winter mows depending on the calendar.

I need to cancel my account, what is the procedure?

Simply call our office at least one day prior to your next scheduled mow and ask to cancel the account. We do not offer same day cancellations or cancellations for a future date.

Are you insured against damage at my home?

We carry $20 million dollars of general liability insurance, plus an umbrella policy that covers anything else that our general liability does not. Most times the damage claims we receive are minor, we pay those invoices in house so the repairs can be completed quickly.

How do I know that my credit card information is secure?

Due to our heavy volume of credit card transactions, we are required to be PCI compliant. This means that your card information is not domiciled on our computers and only the last four digits of the card number are seen.

What if my yard doesn't need to be mowed?

No Problem, just notify our office at least 1 day prior to your next scheduled mowing and you can choose a less frequent schedule that better accommodates the growth of your lawn. We do not accept SAME DAY skips, so if you call the day of your mow, the crew will mow that day, and the new schedule will take effect after that. Our crews do not determine whether your lawn needs to be mowed or not, they mow all the lawns on their route every day, so be sure to let us know the correct schedule you desire.

Do I get a discount if I have a pool? Will the crew keep grass clippings out of my pool?

We do not offer discounts for pools since it actually takes as much effort to line trim around the entire perimeter of the pool (not above ground pools) and to try to avoid getting clippings in the pool as it would to just mow the area where the pool sits. Our crews pay extra attention to avoid getting clippings in the pool but wind conditions and the proximity of the grass areas to the water play a big part in how much grass ends up in the pool. Our crews never intentionally blow grass in the pool, but it can be difficult to keep out 100%. If you have a pool skimmer, tells us where it is located & the crew will clean the leaves as much as possible.

How do you collect payment for mowing? What if my card is declined?

We take payment by debit or credit card that is placed on file and charged the business day after each service. It can take 2-4 business days for the charge to appear on your statement depending on your bank. All Friday mows get charged the following Monday. If the card is declined our billing department will contact you to inform you, if no answer we will leave a voicemail. Our automated system will try to obtain approval again the business day before your next scheduled mow. If the card is still declined the billing department will contact you again. If the decline is not cleared up at that time the ext mow will be skipped, a letter will be mailed to the customer regarding the decline and we will be unable to reschedule until the decline is cleared. We will continue to try to obtain an approval for 8 weeks, if the approval is not obtained the system will automatically close the account and purge the customer from our system. Please keep in mind after so many declines the system will automatically close the account.

What mowing schedule is best for my lawn?

Weekly mowing is the industry standard, and appropriate for most customers during the peak growing season. We realize that some customers like to utilize our less frequent schedules for budget reasons, lack of irrigation, drought, etc. We are happy to mow a schedule the customer feels appropriate, but be sure the lawn isn’t getting too tall between mows. When the grass gets too tall between mows, then our mulching mowers have a hard time processing the extra debris which results in “clumping” on your lawn. When clumping occurs or other service issues related to tall grass a customer has a tendency to be upset with our crews, when it could simply be fixed by having a weekly schedule during peak growth periods (April-October).

What is Mow Managers?

We are a marketing and administration company that serves the lawn industry.

When can I contact Mow Managers?

Mow Managers is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. 24/7 Customer Service via Text.

Can I cancel my scheduled lawn mowing?

Yes, you must cancel your lawn mowing by 1pm the day before your lawn is scheduled to be mowed. No same day cancellations.