Thank you for signing up for lawn care with Mow Managers!


Here is some important information about our service that may be helpful!
We appreciate your business and look forward to helping keep your lawn looking great!


You have an assigned mow day, the crew will come on this day according to your frequency, unless there has been a rain delay. During the late spring and summer the crews work from sunup until sundown.

If there has been a rain delay we will automatically come out the next day so keep that in mind with having the backyard accessible and pets indoors! If there has not been any weather then feel free to text us at any time to check on a delay.


We love our pets, and we know you love yours. For their safety and the safety of the mowers please have them indoors on mow days, remember to check your gates when letting them out after the mowers leave!


Remember to keep your gate unlocked on mow day, we also offer free combination locks so you don’t have to remember! After 1 return trip for a locked gate we do charge a trip fee of $15 to come back


We need a 24-hour notice on any schedule changes or skips. We monitor text messages until 10pm so that is the cutoff. You are allotted 2 skips of one week during the regular season with a 24-hour notice.


If you come across an issue with your mow just reach out, we will do all we can to make it right. We offer free redos, our customer service reps will work to make sure your account is noted to your preferences. Always call or text the office with mow requests or concerns, so we can make a permanent note on the account and ensure the quality you deserve!


You must call to make billing changes currently, our reps are available 9am-5pm by phone to help. Remember we charge your account the day AFTER your scheduled mow.


If you notice damage to a sprinkler cause by our crew, reach out and let us know. The crews often will not notice while they are working, but if alerted we will always get the heads repaired for you. Please make sure your system has been serviced and is ready for lawn care.


For any work outside of normal mowing like cleaning out/planting flower beds, bush trimming, and leaf cleanup ask about our Bush and Bed crew available exclusively to our mow customers.


Our standard season ends mid-November and we mow once per month over the winter months to help with weed and leaf control. You are not required to keep these mows and may opt out by contacting the office via text or call.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns either by phone (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or by text 24/7.