Welcome to Mow Managers!

We want to thank you for becoming one of our customers. Over the past 23 years, Mow Managers and its partners have been bringing affordable lawn care, on reliable schedules, along with dependable, safe and accurate billing practices to neighborhoods like yours. Our customers are incredibly important to us, and we strive to put our best foot forward in order to set the expectations of our service for our customers from the outset. It is with that in mind that we hope you will find the following information helpful.


Whether you signed up online or over the phone, you’ve probably noticed that were a little different than most other lawn companies. First of all, we answer the phone when you call! We know it seems like an easy thing to do, but if you’ve spent any time at all hunting around for lawn service, you know what I’m talking about. The endless voicemails and follow up calls, waiting on someone to come out and measure, and then waiting some more just for a quote???

At Mow Managers, we employ a fully staffed call center for all your customer service needs. That’s not all! Our call center is also supported by four other departments.

  • Our Billing Department ensures that your card is accurately charged for each mow and that we comply with all applicable payment card industry data security standards (PCI-DSS).
  • Our Research Department accurately measures the turf area of each property. This helps to make sure you are given the best possible pricing, without having to come out and visit the location! This ensures that we can get you signed up immediately, no waiting!
  • The Operations Department organizes all of the work each day into logs. These logs are then sent to the crew the day before your mow is scheduled. This department also communicates with each crew daily to go over customer requests and other necessary service items. Crews also use the Operations department to communicate delays due to weather or equipment issues that might come up during the day. Our Customer Service Agents then communicate that information to the customer by text message.
  • The New Orders Department is specifically tasked with the accuracy of the orders placed by new customers to mitigate the risk of any mistakes that might get in the way of our value of executing a great first impression.

Now that you know some of the procedures we follow in order to put our best foot forward, we would also like you to know what YOU can do to make your experience with Mow Managers a satisfying and productive one! Are there specific details about your lawn we need to know? Do you have pets? Do you water regularly and use a fertilizer and weed Control Company? Do you live in a gated community that the crew will need a code or special permission to access? All of these kinds of things are incredibly helpful for us to know.  We encourage our customers to let us know any information that might help us in our effort to bring quality, dependable service to your property.

  • Do your gates latch properly? Is there any existing damage to gates or fences? How sensitive are you to marks on the fence that the weed eater might leave?
  • Are there obstacles on the property that may be dangerous, or may affect the quality of the mow? This might be holes in the lawn or sprinkler heads that stick up too high? Is the lawn free of debris that might damage equipment?
  • Do you have weeds that grow faster than the grass? Are there areas that do not drain well and should we expect standing water after a rain shower or on a watering day?
  • Do your expectations match the service you signed up for? Do you expect a weekly service quality but you signed up for a budget oriented bi-weekly service? Will your lawn be overgrown on a bi-weekly or less frequent schedule?

At Mow Managers, it is our desire to match each customer with the service that is best for their specific situation. That is why we offer several different frequency options. Along with regular watering, fertilizer and weed control, our service will add value to your property and the pleasure of enjoying a well maintained home on a dependable schedule. We also understand that needs change, which is why our Customer Service Agents are standing by 50 hours a week to take your call, and over extended hours through text message. We encourage and welcome feedback and open communication from our customers when issues arise and changes are needed.

We hope that you have found this information helpful and hospitable. It is our desire that by setting your expectations and communicating who we are from the beginning, we might promote a sense that you have a partner in your lawn care. Once again welcome to Mow Managers and thank you for being one of our Customers!

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